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Grab Discontinues GrabPay Card Service

Grab Discontinues GrabPay Card Service

Grab will no longer offer its GrabPay Card.

The GrabPay Card will no longer be available for use on June 1, 2024. Users will not be able to make purchases online or offline using the physical or digital card after this date. Grab is a ride-hailing and food delivery company.

According to the statement, Grab’s current financial services company was evaluated before making the choice.

“Other Grab products that better meet the demands of our users, such PayLater by Grab and GrabPay Wallet, have seen far more adoption and use. Thus, we want to focus our efforts on improving these products so that you have an even better user experience,” the statement continued.

On April 1st, it will also stop taking new applications for its physical and digital GrabPay Cards.

Up until April 30th, users can obtain a replacement physical GrabPay card. Until May 31st, they will also be able to use their GrabPay card to continue accruing GrabRewards points on all qualified local and international online and in-store transactions.

Grab clarified that there will be no effect on users’ GrabPay Wallet balances and that GrabRewards points will not expire.

The amount of GrabRewards points you will accrue for transactions will remain unchanged, but there will still be a non-refundable 2% processing fee for transactions made outside of the United States.

Until May 31st, users who already possess a physical GrabPay card but have not yet activated it can still do so.

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