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Why is a chief savings officer being hired by foodpanda SG?

Why is a chief savings officer being hired by foodpanda SG?

Foodpanda, a delivery company, has started looking for its first chief savings officer (CSO) across the entire island. The CSO’s job will be to create and publicize offers that are too good to pass up for Foodpanda users in Singapore.

In exchange, foodpanda will pay the CSO SG$1,500 so they can buy, eat, and save to their heart’s content every month. This campaign is designed to honor Singapore’s passionate foodies and deal hunters.

In addition, the CSO will receive a six-month contract worth of SG$2,000 per month from foodpanda creator fund to support their enthusiasm for sharing their finest tricks and insights. Foodpanda’s CSO will also receive exclusive access to future sales and promotions, which will further sweeten the pot.

“We comprehend. It takes effort to find the greatest offers that provide the most value for your money. Additionally, foodpanda stated on their website that “you just must share the fruits of your labor with everyone when you’ve found a good lobang.”

In order to apply, people must share their greatest time- or money-saving ideas for food or groceries in a one-minute video on their Instagram pages. The period for applications is April 1–30, 2024.

The ad follows earlier this month’s appointment of PayMe’s CMO, Jaslin Goh, as foodpanda’s new APAC vice president of marketing, replacing Anna Znamenskaya.

Goh, who is based in Hong Kong, will answer directly to foodpanda CEO John Fang. She oversees 11 of foodpanda’s Asian markets in her new position, which includes Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and the Philippines.

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