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Ravi Shankar joins AirAsia MOVE as its new CMO

Ravi Shankar joins AirAsia MOVE as its new CMO

According to Shankar when MARKETING-INTERACTIVE reached out, marketing guru Ravi Shankar (pictured) has joined AirAsia MOVE (previously AirAsia superapp) as its new chief marketing officer. The CEO of AirAsia MOVE, Nadia Omar, will receive his reports.

Shankar will oversee the teams responsible for branding, marketing, data, and growth in his new position.

Shankar was the chief marketing officer of CARSOME Malaysia for just over two years before joining AirAsia MOVE.

Shankar oversaw branding, marketing, expansion, and customer experience across Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, and the Philippines at CARSOME.

Shankar is an accomplished branding and AI marketing specialist with a broad skill set encompassing data, business, technology, and marketing.

Having worked in the marketing and branding sector for more than 15 years, Ravi has a track record of boosting sales, expanding clientele, and boosting growth for businesses in the Asia-Pacific area.

Shankar has also traveled with AirAsia twice before. His first role at AirAsia was group head of digital marketing, which he held for two years starting in January 2017. Shankar assumed the position of group head of analytics and digital marketing in January 2019 and held it for nearly two years. Shankar oversaw the position of chief growth officer for more than a year prior to leaving AirAsia.

“I’m thrilled to be a part of the AirAsia community again. In a conversation, he stated, “The team will use AI to improve our marketing efforts. “This role aligns perfectly with my passion for technology in marketing, aiming to position AirAsia MOVE as a leader in the travel sector,” he stated.

Shankar spent two years as Lion & Lion’s regional head of performance and analytics, located in Malaysia, prior to joining AirAsia.

Shankar was headquartered in India and led Google’s campaign management team for almost two years before relocating to Malaysia.

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